Ceiling Fan Installation

At Insight Electrical, we offer ceiling fan installation, repair and maintenance services. We can help you with the most effective mount design to suit your ceiling type, chosen unit and cooling needs. A ceiling fan can greatly improve your home’s look, air circulation and reduce energy billing costs. Whether you’re adding a ceiling fan into your bedroom, living room or outdoor space, our electricians can help you with the optimal design and installation choice for robust, lasting function. Call us for a free quote to repair or replace your ceiling fan today.

You Need An Electrician For Your Ceiling Fan Installation


A new ceiling fan needs to be installed by a qualified electrician because there are connections and electrical wiring that need to be completed apart from just mounting the fixture. A licensed electrician can determine where and how should the fixtures be placed so proper wiring and supports can be added to the fan to manage its load. Insight Electrical can help you install the most cost-effective choice to meet your design and functional needs. Would you like to have a comfortably cool environment while saving on electricity? Consider ceiling fans as a great investment to your home. Practical and affordable, they’re energy-efficient and in some cases, can also add ambient lighting to your rooms. Ceiling fans are inexpensive and simple to install with the help of qualified electricians. Furthermore, they are cheap to run, consuming only a few dollars’ worth of power per year.

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The Estimated Time And Cost Of A Ceiling Fan Installation


The cost of installing or fixing a fan will depend on its location and the type of fan concerned. When you need an electrician to repair a ceiling fan in a location that previously had another fan installed, it will be convenient and likely cheaper because there are already wirings that can be repurposed. In most cases, your current wiring will do so you won’t need the extra time and costs of replacing them when getting a new fan. However, if your existing wirings require repairs or are outdated or incompatible with your new installation, then you need your electrical fixtures replaced to support the weight of your new fan. Insight Electrical can advise and implement the best solution in this matter. And in the event you happen to be installing a fan in a new location, we can easily build and run the new wiring through your home’s electrical panel and switches to prepare the site for a new fixture. Our experienced, licensed electricians can help you mount your fans on higher than average ceilings as well as low or sloped ceilings. We can easily reach high locations as well as fix your fans on an angle to accommodate differently shaped or sloped ceilings. In the same fashion, we can also help out with flushmount and ceiling hugger models that are suited for low-clearance settings.

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Automate Your Ceiling Fan With A Remote Control


While ceiling fans were once seen as old-fashioned or unattractive, in reality, many ceiling fans are actually extremely modern and stylish. They come with vast improvements and can be tailored to automated options. Modern ceiling fans often come with special features such as remote controls, and they’re quite popular for bedrooms and lounge areas to maximise convenience. These advancements provide incentive for homeowners to replace older ceiling fans with newer models. Such ceiling fans need to be fixed by a qualified electrician who can handle their more complex fixtures with the proper materials and equipment. They also have to be installed in such a way to work with your existing wall switch. At Insight Electrical, we can complete any associated repairs, replacements and modifications when it comes to your ceiling fans.

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Ceiling fans help maximise the cooling and heating efficiency of your home or workplace as well as create a comfortable environment for everyone in your property. If you’re looking to replace an old ceiling fan or in need of a new ceiling fan with all of its necessary fixtures, we can help. We offer residential services for homes and office fit out services for businesses. Book your job with us today and get your competitive quote.