Downlights Installation

Get your downlights replaced by a fully licensed electrician for professional results and longevity. Insight Electrical offers downlights installation for homes and commercial spaces. Downlights won’t only add more light and change the mood of your space, they’re an attractive, cleaner option for various ceiling styles. Licensed electricians from Insight Electrical can help you install downlights, connect its appropriate wirings and link them to your wall switch. We can also modify and add custom solutions like dimming options when requested. Thinking of installing downlights? We can help you on new builds or replace and retrofit old halogen downlights with LED downlights. LED downlights will help your home or business with increased energy savings, being less prone to heating as well as much more durable and long-lasting. Talk to an electrician from Insight Electrical to complete your installation today.

Why Choose Insight For Your Downlights Installation


Your LED downlights must be installed by expert electricians who understand your needs. At Insight Electrical, we’ve got an eye for lighting design and are able to advise you on the optimum spacing, number of downlights required and other factors for the best final result. We can help you recess your new downlights into the opening of your ceiling, and make them a less intrusive installation than traditional lighting. And if you happen to have larger ceiling cut-outs from older downlights, we can provide adaptor plates so your new LEDs will fit properly. Rely on us to replace halogen fixtures for sleek LED downlights. Our qualified electricians are installation experts who can help you adjust for a broad or narrow light effect for your downlights.

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Replace Old Halogen Lighting With LEDs For Efficiency


LED downlights are energy efficient and much longer lasting compared to traditional halogen lighting. It’s time to make the switch if you’d like better power savings. LEDs are 85% cheaper to run than your regular bulb and much safer for prolonged use in ceilings as they produce less amounts of heat in comparison. They’re also more durable, being able to last 50,000 hours and will shine as brightly as 70% of their optimal capacity even in the end of their lifespan rather than going out completely. They’re also environmentally friendly, with no hazards from mercury content and can be automated further with custom options as they’re compatible with smart systems (learn more about home automation Sydney here. More importantly, you’ll be able to save on running costs when you replace halogen downlights with LEDs. Spend as little as $3 to run one LED downlight per year as opposed to $25 per its halogen counterpart. With that being said you can use up to 75% less energy and save on your energy bills while getting better brightness intensity.

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How Much Will Your LED Downlights Installation Cost


When Insight Electrical gives you a quote on your downlights installation, we will base your quote based on the number of downlights and the complexity of your installation. If you’re planning to retrofit new downlights, your quote can vary based on the following factors:

  • Are you planning to swap out the bulbs or replace the entire light fitting?
  • How many fittings do you need replaced?
  • What is your ceiling like? How easy is access?
  • How is the condition of your current wiring and electrical system?

Call electricians from Insight Electrical to get your needs sorted. We can give you a competitive quote for your job.

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Install Downlights At Your Property With Insight Electrical


Your downlights installation has to be done by a licensed electrician to prevent the risk of electrical fires. Insight Electrical always complies with Australian Standards and will ensure your downlight safety. Don’t risk implicating your property in a house fire due to poor installation. Insight Electrical can help you with premium design solutions from your heat sink to compatibility of your chosen unit for your ceiling type as well as other options. For a high-quality installation that meets your property’s intended design and functional needs, enlist licensed electricians from Insight Electrical. Contact us for your obligation-free quote.